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Meet Mike

Mike is focused on guiding his clients to build a legacy that matters, to think and dream beyond the now, and to build a bridge for the next generation. Mike began his career in the corporate world managing a team of over 60 people and executing the day-to-day operations. While success came quickly to Mike, he desired to leave a bigger impact and to spend his days in a more meaningful cause. All of this led Mike to seek a career in financial services where he now serves and educates his clients on making life-impacting decisions.

Mike Rice has been in the insurance industry for over 12 years and runs his own business as an Insurance Broker and Owner of MR Insurance Solutions. He partners alongside Advocate Insurance Agency and utilizes the resources and team diversity there to provide the best advice for his clients’ ever changing and complex financial situations.

Mike has been blessed with a beautiful wife and four children. He spends his spare time mentoring and encouraging his older sons within their love for sports, and he pretends to be the occasional “customer” at his daughter’s play kitchen. His wife, Cynthia, is an entrepreneur within her own field of baking and is known as “The Pound Cake Lady.” Needless to say, Mike’s desire for encouraging others to live their best life starts at home and overflows into the passion he has for serving others.

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