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Reaching retirement is the goal for most working adults. While in retirement, people want to be sure that their “nest egg” is safe and will be able to provide for them the rest of their lives. Annuities allow retirees to supplement their retirement income, have potential growth, and leave a legacy to their children or grandchildren. By taking time to understand what goals are important to our clients, we put together strategic plans specific to their current lifestyle and the lifestyle they dream of in retirement.

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A sudden illness or injury can have a big financial impact on someone if it prevents them from being able to work. Disability insurance helps to ensure that the policy holder can continue to receive income while they are recovering. They will receive a percentage of their usual income for a period which can help to pay for bills, food, medicine, etc.

Retired Happy Couple

Health Insurance

Health insurance plans allow you access to see a doctor when you are ill and receive care in an emergency. We help in selecting a health plan for yourself and/or your family. Plan options include HMO or PPO and dental/vision coverage.

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These are specialized plans because they help to fill in the gap of what health insurance or Medicare does not cover. When someone is involved in an accident, has a heart attack or stroke, or receives a cancer diagnosis, the health/Medicare plans provide some coverage but may still leave you with a large out of pocket expense. Indemnity plans help to minimize your out of pocket cost and save money.

Retired Happy Couple

Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important parts of any family’s financial plans. While no one really wants to think about passing away, life insurance provides our surviving loved ones with a lump-sum of money to make mortgage payments, buy food, pay for college tuitions, etc. There are several different types of life insurance policies to choose from, each having their own pros and cons. Whatever your goals are for your family and the legacy you desire to leave them, we will help to design a plan to meet those needs.

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Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care is a range of services and support that someone may require for their personal care needs. With the advancements in technology and medical care, people are living a lot longer and it is estimated that 70% of people will need some sort of help with getting dressed, walking, making meals, doing laundry, etc. Long-Term care plans will help to not only ensure that you get the help that you need when you need, it will also ensure that you are in control of where you would like to be cared for. Whether it’s in a nursing home, assisted living, independent living, or in your own home, you are in control of your care.

Retired Happy Couple


Medicare is the health insurance program offered by the U.S. government for individuals 65 years and older and others who are under 65 with certain disabilities. Understanding the four parts to Medicare, deadlines, enrollment periods, plan options, your rights, entitlements, and constant changes can be a little overwhelming at times. We will help you to navigate Medicare and find a plan that fits your individual needs.

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