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Life Insurance - From A Mother's Perspective

As a mother, I know that my greatest responsibility is ensuring the welfare of my children. I know that I can do that while I am alive, but I’ve often thought about how I could maintain that responsibility if something were to happen to me. This thought started me down the road to consider life insurance.

While I hate to even think about not being around for my husband and 3 kids, I also can’t imagine something happening to me and my family struggles because I didn’t prepare. My husband works a full-time job, my oldest is going into his final year of high school, and the twins are about to go into high school. I purchased life insurance because I wanted to make sure that, at least from a financial perspective, my family would continue to be cared for after I pass away.

I have witnessed family and friends struggle when a loved one passed away and there was no life insurance in place. They ended up having to borrow from others and create GoFund Me pages to help with expenses. Please do not think that I am talking down on people who have done that. Everyone’s situation is different, and you have to do what you have to do. But it was important for me to not put my family in that position.

If I could offer any advice to other moms/wives reading this, I would encourage you to get life insurance immediately if you do not have it. I purchased a policy that would be enough to pay for our home so that my husband wouldn’t have to stress about that and so that our kids could stay in our home. That was so important to me. As moms, we provide love, support, encouragement, comfort and so much more to our family daily. This is another way to ensure that your family will continue to feel and embrace your love even when you’re not there.

I really hope that this blog isn’t a “downer” to anyone. I understand that no one ever wants to talk about death. However, I really hope that it encourages you wives/moms to consider your family and decide how you want them to live if something unexpected were to happen to you. Life insurance is a love note you leave for your family that they will read for the rest of their lives.

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